Life’s too short! (part 6)

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We all have at least one gift. What yours?


We all have gifts and talents. In fact, for some of you the problem may be that you have more than one gift. Maybe are one of those individuals that have so many, it’s hard to know which ones to focus on. Let’s not argue about “fairness”,  let’s agree on the equation of just having one!

Let’s look at the definition of the word “gift” mean?

The dictionary defines this as: “a natural ability or talent”

Not feeling the word “gift”?  Then let’s look at the word “talent”

Which means : “natural aptitude or skill”

However you want to interpret i,t still goes back to using what you can do, which other people may find difficult yet you find it easy!

How do you start evaluating what you a good at? Here are some helpful tips:

Step 1. Take a few moments and reflect on what you were good at during your education years? What did your teachers always say about you? For example, even if they said you talk too much that is still a skill which many people have to pay others to learn! Think about it…..

Step 2. What is the area within your life where you find achieving easy? You know! The accomplishments or talent that everyone raves about and you lower your eyelids and say ever so meekly “Oh that…it was nothing, really!” (feel free to add your own dramatic flair to it)

Step 3. Take your gift for spin! When did you last use your gift? Make up your mind to dust it off this week! Be it singing, baking, designing, writing, drawing, building, public speaking or even blogging? Just give it a go to see if you’ve still got it, you may be very pleasantly surprised. Even if you are out of practice!

Step 4. Keep practising and developing until you are very good or even outstanding at what you do. Don’t go into it half-heartedly but don’t let others throw cold water on it either!

Step 5. Keep an eye on those who encourage you but also test it out on people who don’t know you and can give you honest feedback. They may tell you it’s good but not great. That is good because it just means you need to fine tune your work.

You may be thinking “So, Angela, what’s your gift?     Okay, let me encourage by telling you a bit about why I am doing this.     Ever since I was small I loved to read books which contain all kinds of subject matter (and still do!).    Therefore it makes sense that I take my love of words and do blogging, public speaking and authoring, (watch this space!)  whilst simultaneously running my business.     Because it is one of my gifts.    Do you see it now?

I hope so…why? Because….


“Life’s too short!”



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Life’s too short! (part 5)

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By Angela Morris

We are all gifted! Yes, I am talking to you!

Now before you reach for the sarcastic comment or the personal put down, I want you to a minute and consider this truth. I believe we all have at least one gift how are you utilizing yours?

Does it matter any? Yes, because life is too short!

It is so easy to make a joke out of such statements but the truth is sometimes even the joking has come out of a deeper place of disappointment and hurt of the sense of not achieving our goals.

“Okay, Angela don’t go there, just lighten up!” you may be saying. That’s fine with me I just want you to reflect on where your strengths and talents lie. So here I go with the questions:


1.       What are you naturally gifted, or good, at? Oftentimes you find you have not been trained to do it. It just comes out of you! Don’t be embarrassed to ask your |(sensible) friends and family to help you identify it.

2.      Does your gift make you happy when you use it? Just because you can does not always mean you should!

3.       If you could make a living out of your gift, would you? We don’t always know how to turn our gifts into revenue but this is not impossible!

Can you imagine a life where you spend your “working” time just doing what you love and how happy this would make you, not to mention how much money you could make too!

On the other hand imagine a life where you have no interest in your job or career and are just doing it to pay the bills or live a certain lifestyle? The funny thing is, you could be very good at what you do does not mean that you love it!

Did you know that the most successful businesses have their starting point in having a natural flair which may not have been recognized initially? They may have had little or no money but they had a talent!

It takes courage to take steps towards your ideal role of doing what you love and loving what you do. Some of these steps may include:

1.       Taking up a course of study to finely tune your gifts or at least get certified for them.

2.       Creating or joining a network of like-minded people who can support you and vice-versa

3.       Being more strategic with how you use your time by devoting some energy to create a picture of what you would really like and how.

4.       Be prepared to invest in yourself, regardless of supports you in the beginning.

  Remember the old adage:-Nothing ventured, nothing gained? I conclude by adding: no point living in regret of what you did not do. Why? Because…


  “Life’s too short!”

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Life’s too short! (part 5) was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

Life’s too short! (part 5) was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

Life’s too short (part 4)

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By Angela Morris

How hard do you have to try to succeed?

  Hi All. Welcome back to my  “Life’s too short” series! I hope you have been able to glean something of benefit to you from what I have been sharing for the past two weeks. If so please feel free  to either register with the site or leave a comment on facebook. 



Now, to answer the main question above depends on a some probing questions:



1. What are you specifically trying to achieve?

2. Do your goals match your skills and talents?

3. What is your motivating factor for achieving?

“Oh Angela, please!” you may be saying.     Yes I know… of course it’s introspective, this is all about you! I make no apologies as many of us are suffering from neglect in one form or another (but I will save that subject for another time). In the meantime its first things first especially as life is so short!

In part 3 of this series we touched the subject of self-esteem and its traits for positive or low. Some of us have been influenced by others to the degree that we are actually trying to accomplish the dreams of someone else! This could be our parents, teachers, friends or even our employers. In order to help evaluate whose dream you are living ask yourself the following searching questions:  

  • Am I doing this because in reality, I don’t want to disappoint people?
  • Do I really look forward to going to work, because it chose this career?
  • Would I change my career tomorrow, if no one I care about would be upset?
  • Do I feel forced to follow in someone else’s footsteps, rather than my own? 
  • If the answer to any of these is “yes” then perhaps you’re not in your dream but someone else’s.      Some people might well   argue that it is unrealistic for everyone to get what they want and you just have to settle for what you can get!

The funny thing is these comments are usually made by those people who do the exact opposite for themselves!  Dare I say its easier to pull down than to build up. The latter would mean giving of yourself! The other problem of course if you can identify with this how are you going to change it? Hmm….good question! One of my favourite riddles is: “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: “Piece by piece”. In other words you have to move forward in small steps to complete the whole.  To attempt everything all in one go is potentially a recipe for disaster!  However  more importantly you will be healthier emotionally and mentally in the long run, if you work in stages. It can be done if you want to do it: Why? Because….  

Life’s too short


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Life’s too short (part 4) was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

Life’s too short (part 3)

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By Angela Morris

Life’s too short! (Part 3)

Welcome back! Today we are going to take a closer look at ourselves (let’s be honest no-one else really has the time!) from a practical perspective.

Dealing with your self-esteem

If you desire to start a business or achieve your goals in life one of the things you need is a good sense of who you are. Even to set yourself the smallest of goals this needs to be in place.

Why is this even necessary? Because if you don’t know who you are others will be quick to define you and you won’t get much done!   This can be measured by your self-esteem.

What is self-esteem anyway, and how do you know whether it is positive or low?

Dictionary definition-

“confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.”

Or I like to to call this, the oil for your wheels of motivation!,

Okay just to give you an idea, here is a mini-checklist of traits of someone who has positive self-esteem. They include:

  •  An awareness of personal strengths
  •  Confidence  
  •  An ability to solve problems
  •  Self-direction                                                         
  •  Feeling comfortable with a wide range of emotions
  •  Good self-care    
  •  The ability to trust others
  •  A good sense of personal limitations  
  •  The ability to say no

Someone with low self-esteem may either display or internalize:

  • Negative view of life
  • Perfectionist attitude
  • Mistrusting others – even those who show signs of affection
  • Blaming behaviour
  • Fear of taking risks
  • Feelings of being unloved and unlovable
  • Dependence – letting others make decisions
  • Fear of being ridiculed

What type of  “oil” is affecting your progression in life?   It’s easy to deflect and say…“I know someone like that!”   but this is not about someone else it is about you!   No matter how many people believe in you or don’t believe in you,  you will struggle to go forward unless you believe in you!

Obviously there is a lot more to this subject but for now, the big question is where do you sit in all of this?  Why do I care?  Purely because I want you to succeed and because..

“Life’s too short!”


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Life’s too short (part 3) was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

Life’s too short (part 3) was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

Life’s too short (part 2)

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By Angela Morris

Hi everybody welcome back!


Are you noticing how short life is?

Some of you may think the phrase Life’s too short is a negative attitude towards life but I disagree. In fact I actually see the positive in it!

Why? Because once you get over this “mental” hurdle it enables you to focus on what you believe your purpose is in this life or even the point of having a life.

If you are one of those unfortunate people who think you are just here to exist until you die then you are going to be in for a surprise. We all have a desire to achieve, the difference is some of us supress it and others seek to gain it. So what is the surprise?

“The desire to achieve will never totally leave your life!”

When I worked as an adult services manager I loved to ask my elderly clients if they had any regrets, one 94 year old lady told me…wait for it:

“I wish I had been more daring!”

As human beings we love to achieve, its how we are wired! Now before you jump off the page to go somewhere else, let’s talk about what achievement is: Dictionary definition-

“A thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage”

You see it’s not all about business and money (though the money part is definitely helpful!) rather it is the sense that you are doing what gives you a great sense of satisfaction. Don’t feel bad if this feels like an alien concept to you because even though life is short the good news is you’re still here! The next part takes a little bit more work…

3 things you need:

  1. A good sense of who you are – not what others think or have told you, you are!
  2. An understanding that you make have to put some effort in to whatever you do!
  3. To recognize that not everyone will be excited by your ideas – its human nature!

As we continue on this theme I will address these areas. In the meantime, I would like to encourage you to take a look at the further reading link below it may inspire you! Because…

Life’s too short

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Life’s too short (part 2) was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

Life’s too short (part 2) was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

Life’s too short! (part 1)


AM Total Business Solutions Ltd -

By Angela Morris

How often do you hear people saying “Life’s too short!”

When you stop and think about it life is really short isn’t it?

How does that statement make you feel? Anxious? Happy? Depressed? Excited? Only you know the answer to that question.

We all have different interpretations of what it means to live a full life but today I want to put you in the setting of how you go about accomplishing your dreams and goals. Why? Because life’s too short!

Over the next few weeks I will tackling this subject head on. You are welcome to join me on this journey of looking at ways that we can gain a sense of moving forward in our lives. Let us first dispel some myths:

1. You are never too young to start a business!

Did you know that there are entrepreneurs such as Laurence Rook and Savannah Britt from the USA who are 13 years and 14 years old, respectfully and are already millionaires?

2.You are never too old to start a business!

Did you know that British couple David Pledger, 71, and his wife Sandra, 73 started their company in 2013?

3. You are never too poor to start a business!

Did you know that some of the most creative ideas will need some start-up funding or loan?

So let’s cut the excuses…. Because life’s too short!

You might be saying “Angela, this is not what my life is about!” okay, maybe you don’t want to start a business (after all some of us are just natural born spenders!) but what other goals have you set for your life that will allow you to look back without feeling regret?

Why am I asking?

Not sure how to tackle this subject?

Follow me over the coming weeks…

Life’s too short

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Life’s too short! (part 1) was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

Life’s too short! (part 1) was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions