Business Marketing : 5 Helpful tips

Marketing – 5 helpful tips  

All Businesses need some sort of marketing because without it, Businesses will not be able to get the word out to people, which means no customers, no profit and no growth. If you need help improving your marketing then please read on!

  1. Create Instructional videos

Videos can really be effective when it comes to marketing. Although creating a professional looking YouTube video for example may cost a bit of money, there are other ways around this. You can hire a film student to help you out or you could give it a go yourself! YouTube has so many tutorials about how to create processional good quality looking videos, and all you would have to do is follow the steps. LEARN, TEACH yourself, and PRACTICE.

2. Social Networks

This is pretty explanatory of course, join as many social media platforms as you can, then fully engage with them. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.  On these sites you can create Business accounts and update them as appropriate to paint your business in the best light, to create awareness.

3. LinkedIn

Use this site to its full potential because it has a lot to offer, it is one of the major sites that are actually catered to help with marketing yourself specifically. Do not just add people, join groups and attend events where you can meet potential customers and introduce yourself and your Business. You never know you may meet someone that could help you make more connections and in return you could help them using your business and expertise.

4. Be an expert

Master your craft and make sure you are the best at what you do. Practice makes perfect right! Or close enough.

Becoming an expert means you can find local interest groups that are relevant to your businesses brand and show off your expertise. Meeting new people networking and gaining customers for your business.

5. Learn from other businesses

Ok let’s be realistic…other Businesses may be using techniques that you have not even thought of yet. Use what they use but make it your own because every business has its unique points. Watching other Businesses especially the ones that are similar to yours can help you keep up to date with new technology or social media updates. Their tactics might work for you since they are trying to attract the same audience. Don’t copy, be creative, use the technique make it new and stand out from the crowd.



In conclusion Marketing is essential in the world of business, word of mouth will not be enough to get the word out. As long as you market the right product or service to the relevant target audience, your marketing should be successful. Remember there is an audience out there for any product or service. What one person might think is a bad idea, another person may think differently.

So no more excuses time to get started!!



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What is the plan for Q4 of your business in 2015? 8 tips for you!

AM Total Business Solutions Ltd -

By Angela Morris

What is the plan for Q4 of your business in 2015?

8 tips for you!

Hi Everyone

Can you believe we are about to enter our next quarter of the year in just under 3 weeks? Summer is nearly over and as we hurtle towards the end of the year we need to address what is going to happen in Q4 of 2015 as far as your business is concerned.  Here are 8 questions to ask yourself (Yes, I know I said tips but they are sort of!) which may help you to evaluate what actions you need to take to make this quarter the best in your business so far.

  • Have you managed to review your achievements from this quarter and are you on track with the targets you set? – You did set targets, didn’t you?
  • How does this compare with your previous quarters going back to the beginning of the year? – Not checked yet? Do it now!
  • Is your company actually growing in revenue? – In other words is your income going up or down?
  • What can you do to improve sales and productivity? – More promotions, marketing, networking etc
  • Who could be an asset to your company’s growth? –  There must be key people who can help!
  • When will you contact them? – Do not be proud or procrastinate. Make that call!
  • What additional resources do you need to increase growth? E.g. technology, staff
  • How and when will you acquire them? – Put some dates in your diary today!

2015 goals

Goal setting cannot be underestimated at any level of business. You are not too small to set a goal and you are not too big to set a goal. Getting the picture? Good! Why? Because….

“Life’s Too Short!”

Angela is the Director of AM Total Business Solutions Ltd, a service dedicated to getting you up and running in style as a business. Please feel free to contact me via email or visit my website for more information about services and you can sign up for my monthlybusiness newsletter.


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What is the plan for Q4 of your business in 2015? 8 tips for you! was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

5 ways to promote your business over the summertime

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5 ways to promote your business over the summertime

Hi Everyone I hope you are enjoying the fine weather! A common expectation in business is that summertime brings the “quiet period” we all dread, however this need not be the case. You must remember to promote your business! Yes, I am talking to the entrepreneur which resides in you! To run a business you need to keep a pipeline filled with potential clients, contracts, deals etc. Never forget that a business will not grow itself! Yes, I know some people have the knack of making it look like that but behind the scenes you can be sure there is a whirlwind of activity in order to keep the money coming in! If you are having a “quiet” period why not do some things to promote your business and get the phone ringing? There are lots of things you could do to actively promote your business during the summer time. It is a great time to get yourself out there especially if you don’t have a shop front. Who knows come the autumn you may reap a great harvest!   Promote   Here are 5 simple cost effective ideas for you…

  1. Sign up for a stall at your local festival or carnival to promote your business – they are not expensive at all
  2. Print some brochures and flyers and start talking to people in your local shopping area or high street
  3. Organise a competition or prize draw to build your data bank-  why not be creative about the prize?
  4. Arrange a one-off networking event for lunchtime or evening-  but please make it interesting and fun!
  5. Create a “summer edition” newsletter – another great way to promote services for free

Running a business is not for the faint-hearted but would I have it any other way? Of course not! Why? Because…

     “Life’s Too Short!”

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5 ways to promote your business over the summertime was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

5 ways experts can help to grow your business

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By Angela Morris


5 ways experts can help to grow your business


Running a small business has various challenges, however did you know that there are experts out there who can help grow your business?

I love working with people who know more than me! I do not see them as a threat, rather I seem them as my teachers who will help me go further and faster than I would have without them.

One of the common complaints I come across when talking to other small businesses is the fear that other people will steal your customers from you. All I can say about that is if you have made a healthy bond with your client they will remain loyal to you. If that is your reason for not collaborating or working with experts then it may take you a while to get your business up and running.   

attracting people in business


So what can experts do for you and your business? Here are 5 areas to consider:

  1. Social media- We all understand the need to keep on the frontline of social media for many of us this is how we keep a “presence” for potential customers. This can also be incredibly time consuming, so unless this is your money maker then maybe you could outsource it?
  2. Accounting- Why not remove the stress of having to get your finance and books straight (unless of course you a very good at this) and get some assistance with this?
  3. A Business Mentor- Go to someone you consider to be a trusted advisor (who won’t steal your clients or contacts) who can support you in keeping focused and not wandering off into unknown territory!
  4. Partnering or collaborating – this can be done for particular ventures or projects which you know you can deliver in part but not the whole thing. This could be very lucrative if you are prepared to take the risk and work with someone else.
  5. Marketing- getting together with an expert who knows their stuff and how you need to promote your particular service is like gold dust! You might just need to pay for a couple of sessions to get you off the ground.

All of this being said it is still your choice how you wish to grow your business however in my humble opinion getting support for the areas which are either too time consuming or not your strength is worth the investment. There are times to be protective over the growth of your business and there are times to attract people with strengths.

If you are a visionary leader or an entrepreneur, you will definitely need time and space to let your creativity flow (those of you in this category know exactly what I mean!) rather than getting bogged down in the nitty gritty of service delivery. Why? Because….

“Life’s Too Short!”


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5 ways experts can help to grow your business was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

3 Reasons why collaborating in business can be good for you

AM Total Business Solutions Ltd -

By Angela Morris

3 Reasons why collaborating in business can be good for you

Have you given any thought to collaborating in business? Did you know that this is an option you could consider if you need to give your business a boost?

              So what is “collaborating” in business all about?

A quick definition:  Collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common business purpose.


Here are 3 C’s for collaboration and how it could benefit  your business:



C- Connecting. If you are able to connect with someone who has a business that compliments yours this can be helpful in terms of doing commission splits on referrals which work both ways. As a word of caution: only go with those people you feel comfortable with (irrespective of what they can offer)  and don’t be too diverse in your product/service spread. Remember this is about collaborating not feeling manipulated into doing something you are not really keen on!

C- Contribution. If you are working on a joint business venture (not the same as a legal business partnership) be clear about what each party is bringing to the party! Stay realistic. Do not offer the world, unless you really have the world to give! This will avoid any confusion or resentments when the money starts to come in. No one really complains about effort….until the pot starts filling up and then the word “effort” suddenly takes on a whole new meaning!

tug of war


C- Communication. Keep talking to each other. Even the best of relationships breakdown when no dialogue is taking place on a regular basis. As part of your collaborating, it is important that you take responsibility for keeping the other party informed of any important changes. Keep your expectations realistic too! This is also how you build trust between each other. Oh and if you do have “trust issues” then forget about being in business!

If you have not tried collaborating yet, why not look around for someone local who has complementary services to yours? Who knows a great collaboration may be born! Why? Because….


“Life’s Too Short!”


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3 Reasons why collaborating in business can be good for you was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

Whether you are in business or not. You need to vote!

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By Angela Morris

Whether you are in business or not. You need to vote!

The General Election is upon us and I believe that everyone who can vote, should!

Being a black female and a business woman, I have a lot of reasons to ensure that I do not take for granted the ability to impact change in our nation. How? By putting my “X” in the box when polling day comes on 7th May.


I watched the movie “Selma” which was all about black people being opposed for wanting to vote. Well here we are, people of colour!

The story of Emily Pankhurst fighting for the rights of women to vote. Well here we are, ladies!

At one time in Britain, only people who owned land could vote this was changed and…here we all are, citizens of Britain!

vote 1



Please do not use “I am busy with my business” as an excuse not to cast your vote as you may regret that apathy when the new prime minister is announced!

Don’t say “It doesn’t matter!” My response to that is to tap you on the shoulder and say “Excuse me, your ignorance is showing!”

Obviously, I am not going to tell you who you should be voting for, nor am I telling you who I am voting for (that’s my business!), what I will say is if you don’t vote then don’t complain about who is in power!

Looking back over history and the story of the vote, in my opinion, it would be a travesty not to maximise our opportunity of liberty and freedom to choose who we believe would be best to help us business owners, through the next few years.



Life’s Too Short!

Whether you are in business or not. You need to vote! was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

5 ways to stay motivated in business!

AM Total Business Solutions Ltd -

By Angela Morris

5 ways to stay motivated in business!

Struggling to stay motivated in business? It can be hard to keep things moving both naturally and emotionally when you are responsible for running your own business. Even when you successfully deal with your distractions (see previous post!) there can be that sense of fatigue which clouds your mood and saps your energy. What you need is a little motivation!



What is the dictionary definition of the word “Motivation”?:

“Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors”

Motivation is a powerful force that can impact us both internally and externally. Sometimes our motivation is high and sometimes it is low. Sorry folks that is what being human is about! However motivation can be used in many positive ways, especially if it comes from within!


Here are 5 tips that may just come in useful to help you stay motivated:


  1. Evaluate your thinking – I know it can be really challenging at times however, this is the only way to find motivation in the first place. When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, just stop, take a breath then turn your focus and attention elsewhere. Try and get some quick wins (e.g. writing a blog or send out a newsletter) which will help give you a greater sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated!


  1. Use self-confidence boosters- this is not just thinking positive about your world and the people in it. You to be thinking positive about you! Tell yourself how amazing and incredibly brave you are to step out of the rat-race! If you start entertaining thoughts about being incapable you will certainly feel like that and will reduce your enthusiasm at a rapid pace! Spend time with people who believe in you and can help you stay in the saddle and remain motivated!


  1. Count your successes (or your blessings!)- Remember the good times you have had in business. What are your strengths and positive attributes? When have you had good outcomes in the past, how did they come to fruition? What I am saying is you did it before, rest assured you can do it again and you will feel motivated!


  1. Tomorrow is another day- You may not want be where you are at this very moment but what resources do you have that could be used to push you towards your goals? Take a moment to reflect on all the good things you’ve achieved in the past. Why should now be any different? If have achieved before, you can do it again!


  1. Give yourself a break (or get off your own back!) – You are a human being not a human “doing”! If you need time out to refresh yourself then do so without feeling guilty or reservation. Do something non-work related and come back to your tasks refreshed with some motivation.

Just to let you into a little secret…we all feel like giving up sometimes. However, don’t give up, if you persevere, stay the course and stay motivated you will get through. Why? Because….


“Life’s too short!”

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5 ways to stay motivated in business! was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

10 goal setting strategies for your business in Q2

AM Total Business Solutions Ltd -

By Angela Morris

10 goal setting strategies for your business in Q2


Did you review the progress of your business over the last quarter? Are you measuring it against your business plan? If yes, how did you do with hitting your targets? If no, how do you know if you accomplished what you wanted to achieve?

For those of you who didn’t have a target then it’s not too late to set one going forward in the next quarter.

If you need ideas to decide how to set yourself some business goals, here 10 goal-setting strategies for your business which you can use as signposts to help you:


Goal setting

  1. How much money do you want to earn this quarter? – No point asking me! Only you how much you want.
  2. What is the marketing strategy you plan to use this time around? – Did the last one work?
  3. Do you need someone to help you expand your business? – We all need help sometimes!
  4. Who would be the most effective individual(s) to support you?- They could be closer than you think!
  5. What exactly will they do for your business? – Be specific in your needs
  6. Have you put a timetable together to monitor your activities? – Having a timeline is always a good idea to monitor productivity.
  7. What type of clients are you planning to reach? – Do not say “everyone”!!
  8. How will you get in contact with these clients? – Email, Social Media, networking, face-to-face appointments etc.?
  9. What dates have you set for these activities? – Give yourself a date, not a deadline!
  10. What are the possible obstacles you might face? – Plan for them in order to overcome them.

 Setting goals can be a great tool to help you stay motivated in business, so it might be worthwhile giving it a try?

Why? Because…

“Life’s Too Short!”


Life's Too Short - by Angela R Morris

Life’s Too Short (So handle your business!) – an ebook by Angela R Morris available from the website shop 

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May you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend!




10 goal setting strategies for your business in Q2 was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions

5 Reasons why networking can be fun in business!

AM Total Business Solutions Ltd -

By Angela Morris

5 Reasons why networking can be fun in business!

On almost a weekly basis, I meet some wonderful business individuals who in turn become my contacts. When I think about it I have met some excellent people, all as a result of networking.

Many of these people are hardworking individuals who started at grass-roots level then proceeded to build their companies and are still actively building them!

Here are some questions to ask yourself when networking:



  • Who are the key individuals I need to connect with to be outrageously successful?
  • Which groups, people or companies could be most helpful to my business growth?
  • Who can help me to grow as an individual, as well as an entrepreneur?
  • How can I connect with them?
  • What can I offer them in terms of service?

Here are 5 reasons networking can be fun and how you can make it so:

  • Be selective with your efforts-  go to an event because you want to not because you feel you have to!
  • Create quality connections–   make appointments for follow-up meetings on the spot!
  • Help others to be successful and it will help you-  look for opportunities to synergise
  • Don’t just build your network, keep it up-to-date-  don’t just collect business cards and put them in your draw!
  • Meeting others helps you to think outside of the box-  reflect on what you learned from others

You may be thinking “I don’t have time to network!” or “They are a waste of my time!” However, it could be the mindset you are attending with…(just a thought!)

Well, if you do make a decision to go to an event, you should have a fun time with networking for your business. Why? Because…                                                  

Life’s too short!


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Life's Too Short - by Angela R Morris

Life’s Too Short (So handle your business!)- an e-book by Angela R Morris

5 Reasons why networking can be fun in business! was originally published on Angela R Morris – Total Business Solutions


AM Total Business Solutions Ltd -

By Angela Morris


Some people are more easily distracted than others. At some point in business, you will need these 7 top tips to avoid distraction and grow your business. Like all things in life, the key is balance so to help out those of us who are “always willing to help” here are a few disguises that the dreaded “distraction”, uses for its voice…

  1. You have to talk on the phone to your friends! – That may well be true but save this for the evenings or the weekends. You are too busy to be talking, unless, of course, it’s making you money!Distractions on the phone



2.You need to get involved in the “drama” and have your say! – It’s not called drama for nothing and unless you’re in the acting business, you have no business getting involved in things that do not directly involve you! Get on with your businessDistractions drama

  1. 3. You are working too hard, you need to take lots of little breaks! – Again if you haven’t set any targets for yourself to earn the break, ignore that suggestion!Distractions food
  2. “I really need you to spend time with me, now!” – Unless this person is under 18 years old, get them to book a scheduled time with you are the manager of your time!

5 “I know you’re busy but….” – yes, that’s right you are busy and it’s okay to remind yourself and others of this. You don’t need to reject them outright but again schedule a time to help them that fits in with your programme rather than theirs!

6. Ignore the pings, dings, and beeps of your mobile device, I know it makes you feel wanted and important, but it really isn’t necessary you respond every time. Schedule a time to reply to texts, emails and social media. Distractions mobile

7. If you work from home…is it vital that you put the washing on when you are supposed to be completing an important piece of work for your business? Use the weekends to do household chores.   Distractions housework



It takes time and experience to discern the difference between a real situation and a distraction, but the clue is in how it leaves you feeling:

Drained? Discouraged? De-motivated? Disillusioned? Depressed? Distrusting? Disturbed?

Yes well there’s the D for Distraction for you, showing up anytime, anyplace and anywhere but believe me it’s not a martini (too young to remember?) and if you need a drink at the end of the day make it a good one! Why? Because…

Life’s too short!

Why not join me in March 2015 at my new “Getting You Up and Running” business workshops? Click on the link below for further details:

AM Total Business Solutions- Getting You Up and Running Workshops 


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